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The ISHD571 by iSimple is designed to simply connect your iPod / iPhone to your HONDA ACCORD’s factory radio allowing you to listen to your music in clear HD quality sound. You will be able to search your music library by Playlist, Artists, Album or Genre using your radio or steering wheel controls or have the option to control everything from the iPod itself. This adapter also has an additional auxiliary input which allows you to connect any other device such as an MP3 Player, Laptop, Portable DVD, etc. to you vehicles audio system. The ISHD571 also keeps your iPods battery fully charged.

Unlike most other adapters on the market today, the iSimple ISHD571 can also be upgraded with 1 of 3 popular add-ons. Add Bluetooth to make and receive phone calls hands free and stream music wirelessly to your vehicles stereo system, add an HD radio tuner to tune into FREE HD Radio stations or add Sirius Satellite Radio to enjoy endless hours of uninterrupted music (subscription not included).

ADD Bluetooth ISBT21
ADD Sirius Radio ISSR11 + SCC1

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